Coke X

Coke X, Inc. has developed a process for “purifying” coke, the residue of the destructive distillation of coal or crude oil. In the absence of this process, coke is generally treated as a waste product because it is contaminated with metals and thus difficult to dispose of in an environmentally responsible manner. Coke X, Inc. uses proprietary microwave technology to extract the sulfur and metals from the carbon- rich residue of power generation. Through this process sulfur, vanadium and nickel are extracted from oil coke and flexicoke (petcoke) simultaneously and expeditiously without destroying the carbon matrix, thus enabling the use of the purified carbon residue in multiple industrial processes, such as the manufacture of anodes used in the aluminum industry or as a reducing agent in the creation of steel. The conversion process is expeditious, accomplished in not more than 30 minutes, and efficient, with extraction percentages above 70 percent. Through the use of this clean technology, large amounts of what was heretofore a waste product of petroleum refining which has always been a major environmental liability have been converted into products with high commercial value. On a planet that is highly contaminated by the industrial processes developed by human intelligence, it is necessary to change lifestyles and responsibly and consciously engage in the preservation of life itself.