If you are tired of knocking door to door, dodging all sorts of paperwork, waiting to mistreat bureaucrats pay attention to your science or technology project; Be unfaithful to the past and come work with us.

The purpose of Coyote Nest is to empower Hispanic and Latin American innovators to materialize their science and technology projects.

For the product or service you develop, we put ourselves at the following:

1. Assessment of the feasibility and viability.

2. Product, Idea and Services Patent.

3. Venture capital to advance work on any stage where (incubation and acceleration) is found.

4. Mentor (when you require a detailed knowledge for that purpose).

5. Technological Workshop (to develop its prototype).

6. Workspaces and research laboratories at the Technology Park of the University of Stanford, Silicon Valley.

7. Merchandising and global marketing of your finished project.

If you are creating a product or service, that involved information, to be focused on providing quality and lifestyle to representative percentage of globality and can be launched in the short term, move the current time this and contact us ASAP.

Become involved. Boost your project with our assistance.


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