Graphene, Inc

Graphene, Inc. has as a primary goal the development of 3D printing applications using graphene, a carbon-based crystalline material with special features. It has strength(what kind?) superior to steel, surface hardness similar to diamond, elasticity, flexibility, transparency, superior thermal and electrical conductivity, high density coupled with light weight, minimal chemical reactivity, resistance to ionizing radiation, and antibacterial properties. Materials with special properties such as graphene have always driven the development of a broad range of disruptive products, revolutionizing and expanding the world of possibilities associated with their industrial and consumer applications. Markets created by these materials include polymers such as nylon and Teflon and the many uses of titanium, among others. 
The properties of graphene endow it with practically unlimited potential uses that range from lining surfaces to increase their durability, manufacturing transparent films which are flexible, and elastic thermoelectric conductors useful in a vast array of mobile devices.
With this material available for commercial and industrial use, developing a market for innovative articles and objects made of graphene could revolutionize our daily lives.