Olympic Egames

The Olimpic Egames on-line.

Olympic eGames, Inc. is the corporation in charge of developing, supervising and managing all matters concerning on-line international video game competition. It is the owner of all rights associated with the games’ operations and symbols, including global transmission rights in all media and management of all advertising and other associated activities, according to previously established agreements. Additionally, Olympic eGames, Inc. is responsible for selecting the host city for each contest cycle and planning, updating and approving the competition schedules and programs. In just a few decades, the videogame industry has gone from being a mere technological curiosity with limited appeal to an entertainment industry of worldwide scope and influence. Despite its economic significance and effects on product design, marketing, media, and consumption, the videogames sector has continued to rely on idiosyncratic innovation, adapting to rather than originating new trends and finding new markets as they appear rather than creating new directions that foster the growth of the business.
 Olympic eGames, Inc. will be a major step towards bringing this scattered market together into a focused globalized industry with transgenerational appeal.